Inspiration / Life Force

Awen Books

Awen; Brithonic;  Inspiration.  The living force that moves through all things, and moves all things. 

The poets, prophets, bards, mathematicians, astronomers, healers, law makers, historians, and judges who made up the ancient druid order were ever conscious of this force.    Awe...wen!

No genre could contain this inspiration.  This force.  Yet this Awen has created a genre to express itself through, and through which it can be accessed and experienced in the real world... especially by those who grow dissapointed with, and disenchanted of, typical fantasies which do not live on in everyday life.  For those who seek real magic, that which is one with real science, we name this genre, "Mythic Reality."   

This journey begins with "The Trans-Burgeoning Pathways," Book one in the nine part "Prophet Walker" Series.